Behind our name, there really are four Johnson brothers: Alfred, Ben, Kent and Leroy. Our company’s story is rooted in their upbringing.

The Johnson boys were raised as part of a collective commune. Family values and healthy living were emphasized and hard work defined their days. Starting in first grade and continuing through high school, each brother served as a woodworking apprentice in the commune’s factory. The old-school German supervisors had high expectations: nothing short of perfection was acceptable. Long hours after school and during the summers were the norm.

Beginning with sweep-up duty, each brother took his turn moving through the ranks. They stacked wood, inspected parts, machined rough lumber, and assembled cabinetry – finally working their way up to product design. It was an experience that shaped them as individuals and strengthened their bonds as siblings.

Post-commune life scattered the brothers, but all four had settled in Washington, DC by the early 2000s. Each had a nine-to-five job but found their woodworking skills in high demand. Soon their evenings and weekends were consumed with remodeling projects for homeowners. The brothers’ reputation grew – not only for their fine craftsmanship – but for superior customer service as well.

They had found their formula for success.

With a backlog of work and a steady stream of referrals, Four Brothers LLC was launched in 2006.

Four Brothers HQ


When it came to building a team, the founding brothers were on the same page: You don’t train people to care; you hire people who care. They wanted their team to be as attentive to a customer’s needs as they are to the details of a project.

Mission accomplished.

Our people are passionate about their work and committed to a high level of personal service – each and every one of them. Read on to learn more about our talented team. Their goal is to leave you with your own happy story about working with Four Brothers.


Four Brothers/Four Principles

We are working in your home — and we understand how disruptive a remodeling project can be. Whatever roles our team members serve in your project, each of us is guided by the following principles:


You’ll find our team polite to a fault and considerate of your daily routine. We’ll do our best to contain our mess by cleaning the work area at the end of each day.


Start times, deadlines and schedules are commitments you can count on. Our phones are always on so you can reach us whenever you need us.


Every project gets our full attention regardless of size. We invest the time to get it right. If it’s not our best product, it won’t go out the door.


We are artisans who “build for life.” We do not cut corners in the interest of expediency, cost savings – or any other reason.