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Enhancing Functionality Through Design: Ensuring Your Remodel Not Only Looks Good But Works Well

Designer Ray Eames, the wife of Charles Eames, believed, “What works good is better than what looks good, because what works good lasts.” When envisioning a partial or full home renovation, clients will often think in terms of how their new space will look upon completion. And while it’s certainly easy to get swept up in textures and decorative

What Permits does a Washington DC Bathroom Contractors Need for My Project?

  Recently, we wrote a blog post about what permits were needed to renovate a bathroom in Montgomery County:  Several of our readers asked us to do the same for a Washington DC Remodel.   Much like kitchens, even simple projects for DC bathroom contractors require a permit.  As a general rule, if you

Remodeling Change Orders Part 2

Change Orders: The C-Word, Part 2   Because many homeowners have become hip to the change-order hustle that many contractors run (see Change Orders: The C-Word, Part 1), there is often no better way to alienate a client than to start throwing the C-Word around during the course of a renovation.   The truth is